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    Welcome to our full service veterinary practice located in Waconia, Minnesota, in the southwestern metro area of the Twin Cities. Our practice includes an expansive range of services and professional specialties. We have a variety of professional interests and constantly strive to optimize our patient/owner experience.


  • Small animals

    Pets are a big part of our lives. At Waconia Veterinary Clinic, we recognize and support the special, life long bond that exists between pets and people. We will provide the best individualized care possible to ensure all pets enjoy long, healthy lives with their human companions. Visit the “SMALL ANIMAL SERVICES” area below for a breakdown of our services and specialties.

    Small animals
  • Equine

    Our equine specialists  provide expertise in the care of our equine patients in a professional and ethical manner that fulfills the needs of our equine clients and exceeds their expectations.   Click on the “EQUINE SERVICES” area below to read about our many services.

  • Bovine, Ovine & Caprine

    The bovine, ovine and caprine divisions of Waconia Vet Clinic are dedicated to the needs of our farm clients and the health and welfare of their animals.  We strive to meet the goals and objectives of our producers while ensuring a safe food supply for the public.  Click on the “BOVINE, OVINE & CAPRINE SERVICES” link below for specific information.

    Bovine, Ovine & Caprine


Small Animal Services

We are truly passionate about the care we give our patients. Read about our staff and  the services we provide to enhance the health care of the pets in our care.

Equine Services

Our experienced equine practitioners provide quality ambulatory veterinary care for horses  in the Twin Cities metro area.

Bovine, Ovine & Caprine Services

Waconia Vet Clinic veterinarians work with local producers to maintain the health and enhance productivity of their respective herds.


Read the latest news and happenings from Waconia Veterinary Clinic.

Welcome to Dr. Carla Kilty, who just recently joined the small animal veterinarian team. She joins Drs.  Cotten,  Dohm, Harms and  Sutich. Read a brief bio on each of them.

We hope you'll find the information you need on this site about our company and the products and services we provide. We look forward to working with you and welcome any questions you may have. Call us at (952)-442-2119.

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