Bovine Services

Bovine and Other Farm Animals

Our bovine services include dairy herd reproduction management with ultrasound evaluation, sick animal care, mastitis evaluation, calf management, and record analysis. We provide assistance with feedlot health issues and nutritional problem solving. Our clients are able to use our in-house catalog for ordering supplies. Our catalog inventory is priced to match or beat our competitor’s prices so you are able to keep your costs down.

We are active members of the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association, American Veterinary Medical Association, American Association of Bovine Practitioners, National Mastitis Council, and Minnesota Agri-Growth Council.

We are also supporters of the Minnesota Holstein Association, Future Farmers of America, and our local 4-H organizations.

Bovine services include, but are not limited to:

Herd Reproductive Management
Ultrasound Pregnancy Diagnosis
Sick Animal Care
Mastitis and Somatic Cell Count Evaluation
Calf Management and Diagnostics
Record Analysis
Nutritional Problem Solving
Feedlot Consulting and Health Management

National Dairy Farm Program

FARMLOGOThe National Dairy FARM Program is a nation-wide, verifiable program that addresses animal well-being. Available to all producers, it establishes an on-farm animal well-being program and third-party verification system that demonstrates that commitment. This national effort  brings consistency and uniformity to on-farm care and provides reassurance to consumers. Click on the logo to access the National Dairy Farm Program web site.

Access your Health Certificates/VFDs

Ovine and Caprine Services

A sound management program to keep animals healthy is basic to production of both sheep and goats. Our services  revolve around preventive care programs to minimize health problems for our small ruminant clients.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Vaccination programs
  • Parasite control programs/worming
  • Pregnancy exams
  • Hoof care
  • Assistance with reproduction management
  • Sick animal care
  • Surgery
  • Health certificates
  • Disease testing programs

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  • "The staff at WVC is wonderful! Not only with my dairy cows but also with my dogs! My hard working collie cut himself and they were so accommodating and able to fit him in to the schedule to stitch him up. Highly recommend Waconia Vet Clinic!"
    Emily Melissa Hanson

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