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Our equine services are limited to equine dental services.

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Equine Dental Services

Inspired by some of the best equine dentists in the country, Dr. Brad Dohm has spent many years providing exceptional dental care to horses in the region.

Using both motorized and hand tools, each horse is thoroughly evaluated and treated to maximize dental function and comfort.  All procedures are performed with appropriate sedation in a comfortable manner to minimize stress on the horse’s head and neck.

Good dental health is vital to your horse’s overall well being. Research shows that normal functioning equine teeth that have normal grinding patterns will wear more slowly and therefore last longer. This is important as horses today live well into their twenties and thirties. Poor dental function can lead to digestive disturbances such as chronic colic, choke, weight loss and nutritional deficiencies. Over time, oral problems can cause pain and discomfort with the bit affecting athletic performance. A horse in pain will not perform to its full potential. Tail wringing, head tossing, fussing with the bit, running backwards, rearing, and unexpected temper fits can all be dental related.

A well trained equine dentist has the skills to prevent most, if not all, major dental problems. Because equine dental diseases are preventable, it is important to begin annual dental exams at a young age. Because not all dental problems in horses are obvious to the untrained eye or are revealed through clinical signs, it is important to have annual dental exams performed. Often there are no obvious outward signs or disease until the condition is very advanced.

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