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At Waconia Veterinary Clinic, we strive to help clients keep their pets’ mouths healthy! We encourage home care and recommend new puppy owners start brushing teeth early in life when it is readily accepted and before problems are present. During puppy and kitten developmental exams, we examine mouths at each visit to be sure teeth, gums and bites are developing normally. At each spay or neuter appointment, we view the mouth again. If any retained “baby teeth” are found, we recommendremoval at that time before they cause problems.

Most pets will require their first professional dental cleaning between three and five years of age. These scheduled oral exams and cleanings, which require anesthesia, are the only way the mouth can be fully examined and teeth effectively cleaned both above and below the gum lines.

Unfortunately we commonly encounter pets with significant dental problems. Small bred dogs with very crowded mouths (dogs have 42 teeth) and older patients with significant gingivitis, periodontal disease or broken teeth are commonly found in need of professional dental care. Our feline patients are often noted to have painful resorptive teeth that require care. At Waconia Veterinary Clinic, our dentistry goal is to make sure our patients’ mouths are healthy and free of infection and pain. We have equipped our dental suite with the latest equipment in pursuit of this goal. Our suite is equipped with digital dental radiography, high speed water-cooled dental hand pieces, ultrasonic teeth sealers and is enhanced with an advanced anesthetic delivery system, monitors and patient warmers to fully ensure a safe, comfortable dental experience for your pet.

How to Brush Your Pet's Teeth

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  • "The staff at WVC is wonderful! Not only with my dairy cows but also with my dogs! My hard working collie cut himself and they were so accommodating and able to fit him in to the schedule to stitch him up. Highly recommend Waconia Vet Clinic!"
    Emily Melissa Hanson

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