Before Your Pet's Dental Procedure

We realize that at times we will find major dental problems that could not be anticipated or cannot be treated effectively on the day of the initial care. We understand these “surprise” mouths are also a surprise to you, and have instituted the following procedure to help our patients, clients, and staff when they occur.

We attempt to limit each anesthetic procedure to three hours or less for the safety of patients. Exam, cleaning and x-rays will usually take about one hour after the patient is anesthetized.

We encourage “staging” of patients if significant dental care is needed. In “staging”, the dental care occurs in two or more sessions. This allows us to further plan our procedure, and in some cases, allows the client to be better prepared financially for the procedure.

When “staging”, we simply stop the procedure at an appropriate point, and start once again at a later date. At the second procedure, no duplicate charges are incurred by the client. If after the initial session you decide not to proceed with the additional work, you are only responsible for the initial care charges.

If you have further questions, please feel free to discuss it with the veterinarian who will be performing your pet’s dental procedure.

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  • "The staff at WVC is wonderful! Not only with my dairy cows but also with my dogs! My hard working collie cut himself and they were so accommodating and able to fit him in to the schedule to stitch him up. Highly recommend Waconia Vet Clinic!"
    Emily Melissa Hanson

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