Medical Care

Should your pet suffer from an injury or illness, our veterinary staff can quickly assess and treat the problem. As in human medicine, many medical issues are fairly straight forward and patients are returned to health quickly after their visit.

When more serious conditions occur, our clinic is well equipped with onsite laboratory and diagnostic equipment. We can perform most needed tests, including radiographic and ultrasound imaging  to complement and confirm the veterinarian’s physical exam findings. In cases where specialty tests are required, we have access to outside labs that can quickly perform any laboratory tests.

We are pleased that as a multiple veterinarian practice, we are able to confer with each other daily on medical cases, gaining insight and perspective from each other. In doing so, our clients may be assured they are receiving the best possible care for their pets.

If needed, we are further supported by veterinary specialists in the fields of surgery, cardiology and ultrasound imaging who are available on short notice for examination and procedures at our clinic. Finally we have access to a vast referral network of board certified specialists and facilities in the Twin Cities area to whom we are able to refer our patients if needed.

At Waconia Veterinary Clinic we constantly strive to provide optimal and appropriate care for our patients while making the experience as convenient as possible for their owners.




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  • "The staff at WVC is wonderful! Not only with my dairy cows but also with my dogs! My hard working collie cut himself and they were so accommodating and able to fit him in to the schedule to stitch him up. Highly recommend Waconia Vet Clinic!"
    Emily Melissa Hanson

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