Digital Radiography

Waconia Veterinary Clinic is pleased to be offering one of the latest advancements in veterinary care. Our radiographs are now all digitally performed for both general body and dental radiograph imaging.

Radiographs have been useful diagnostic tools for many years. The development of digital radiography has transformed the images delivering tremendous improvements in efficiency, image quality, and image portability.

Efficiency is improved significantly. With traditional x-ray, an exposure is made and the x-ray film is processed with a series of chemicals, much like traditional camera film. If the exposure is not optimal, a second exposure is required. With digital radiography, the image is transferred to a computer screen seconds after the exposure is performed, where viewing adjustments can be made to the image by the radiographer on the screen. Because there is rarely a need for repeat exposures, there is less stress for the patient.

Image quality is greatly enhanced. Images are sharper with smoother edges and far more visible detail. Areas of interest can be magnified for close, more detailed evaluation. Contrast and sharpness adjustments can be made to differentiate organs of nearly equal density.

Images are very portable. They are loaded onto computers, emailed to specialists for review, can be copied and sent to referral centers with the patient, and can even be sent home with the owner when requested.

Digital image technology is one of the truly notable improvements in veterinary care we utilize for the benefit and care for your pets.

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  • "The staff at WVC is wonderful! Not only with my dairy cows but also with my dogs! My hard working collie cut himself and they were so accommodating and able to fit him in to the schedule to stitch him up. Highly recommend Waconia Vet Clinic!"
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